My husband Michael and I moved to Edgewood, New Mexico from Colorado in June 2016.

The previous winter we had to say goodbye to two of our senior cats.  We still had Nora but she was lonely.  We decided to wait until we moved and were settled before getting another cat.  I wanted a kitten but when my husband met Rosie it was settled.  She had just been surrendered to the shelter due to a bladder condition.  The staff believed in second chances. They discovered she needed surgery and would need a life long commitment to a special diet. She had the successful surgery and was recuperating well.

That is where we came in, our girl Nora is on prescription food for the same reasons and it only made sense to take in Rosie and love her as ours.  I only wish I had known her as a kitten because she is so beautiful.
Here she is getting close to Nora.  Rosie is the long hair grey and white, Nora is the tiger striped.
Debby & Michael Peters

I arrived at our local shelter due to a very sad situation.  My mom took her own life.  Not only was I in a totally new environment but I was without my mom.  Our whole family which consisted of 3 of my canine pals, and 4 kitties have been cared for by some very nice people.   My mom’s relatives came and adopted a few of my buddies, however, Cat Cat, Red and myself are still wait to find a new home.                          Then the other shoe dropped for both myself and CatCat.  I was diagnosed with HEARTWORM, and would not have survived without immediate treatment.   My shelter caregivers started a fund which covered the entire cost ($800.00) of my treatment.  Myself and my buddy Red were adopted together by a great dad.